Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Am I young, am I simple,
Am I thirsty for the truth?
Am I stung, am I civil,
Am I secretly uncouth?
Am I rich, am I broken,
Am I dangerously thin?
Should I switch for this token,
And fast forward to the end?
Shall I move, shall I wait,
Am I dressed well for the king?
Dare I mold my own fate,
Am I partial to the sting?


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Dirty rotten tyranny
Beckoning captivity
Bait and switch so I can't see
But my hands are free
Still you're binding me

My sweet repose
Stay with me
While the curtains close


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rear view

You wouldn't believe
The places I've been,
I loved my pain,
I loved my sin.

I didn't know
Whom true Love would send,
That my Savior forgave
What stained my skin.


Monday, May 24, 2010


I love my family and few loyal friends, I work hard and find joy in the little things. Admittedly I require a lot of patience but I love with everythingI have. I like old music and old movies; nothing replaces a classic. I crave challenge and can be a bit stubborn, but can admit when I'm at fault. I believe that humble is the best attitude to have and that selfish ambition is the quickest way to build a tower that will crumble and fall. My biggest fear is failure. I'm learning that every new day is both a lesson to be learned and another opportunity to serve Him whom has blessed me beyond measure.



i'm faith that's fallen hollow
and i'm hope you cannot have,
i'm difficult to swallow;
a cold and dirty bath.
i'm tales of subtle terror
and i'm lies in times of peace,
i'm disappointment's bearer;
formed of barbedwire and fleece.
i'm sorrow contradiction,
and i'm words you shouldn't say,
i'm narrow in dipiction,
i'm both predator and prey.
i'm ice in any season;
that sweet and sour gulp,
a s0ul thats tried for treason
and a fruit bereft of pulp.



you wink at me like a low flying plane
and i tiptoe into thoughts of leaving this place with you.
soon i wade in safe adventure,
my eyes steady with your signal
shooting across miles of my darkness.
i take you in until my focus adjusts;
as i get closer i see the outline of the
metal frame on which your beacon is crowned.
you are a stationary tower
and my heart falls from a ledge as tall as your facaud.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

count it all joy

My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials. ... James 1:2

It is certainly easier said than done. My trials have been self-inflicted I'm afraid. ...I've tried to impose my will on God for nearly two years. I guess I never heard Him laughing at my plans. Sometimes the Lord removes an element out of our lives that serves as a hindrance to our relationship with Him, to include sources of pride, temptation or idolatry. Knowing Christ is knowing that there is a bigger picture. My current season of brokenness has endeared me back to Him as I'm urged to cling to His promises. My prayer is that this trial serves as an opportunity to minister to others with similar struggles. Lord thank you for clearing the fog in my life and for ending my aimless pursuits. =)